Country of Origin : Germany

PylopassTM  with Process Pantent and Application Patent
Introduction : Prevalence among middle-aged adults is over 80% in many emerging countries and 20 - 50% in industrialized countries. This specific strain in Pylopass™ was found by screening among 700 Lactobacilli strains of a large culture collection and it reveals specifically binding Lactobacillus antagonists to H. pylori. Pylopass™ is comprised of inactivated cells and no risk of antibiotic resistance. High stability: at least two years at room temperature. Efficacy is proven by clinical studies.


Characteristic : Specific strain, Inactivated cell, Low dosage, Significant and fast efficacy and maintain for 6 weeks. 
Certificate : Process patent, Application patent, GMP and GRAS
Study : Efficacy proven by clinical studies
Application : Dietary supplement(Capsule, Tablet and Sachet)